[K]nights [F]all: Eldritch

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What Is [K]nights [F]all: Eldritch?

This is an adult dark fantasy comic that follows the story of Daemon Knight, The Proditor, and their violent rivalry that knows no bounds. Both characters' journeys will be seen every month as they may gain unlikely allies that’ll aid in the termination of the other knight, but while that happens, something keeps multiple eyes on them…

Why Gumroad?

I believe in working for people who in turn believe in me and want good 18+ storytelling. With funding, I can use that resource to provide more content and delve into better quality + rewards for you!


If you’re under 18, please do not back this project. It is meant for a mature audience. By pledging to a tier, you confirm that your age is 18+. I wanted to keep this short, simple, and straight to the point to build trust. I thank you for reading and giving time into checking this out, and I sincerely hope that you consider backing this project.


  • 1st week - Finished page.
  • 2nd week - Finished page.
  • 3rd week - Outline page.
  • 4th week - Outline page + bonuses for Entirety tier members.
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All memberships include a 1 week free trial

Based on which tier you select, you'll either get SFW or NSFW content relating to this webcomic. Story will be updated per month via two finalized pages along with outlines.

$3 a month

[K]nights [F]all: Eldritch

0 ratings